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Object size

One of the basic parameters for the selection of a lens is the size of the object that has to be captured. The determination of this size often leads to misunderstandings.

The following example illustrates the problem: A user, when asked for an object size, specifies a value of 10 x 10mm. Based on this (and some other parameters) we select a lens for our user. But right after the first attempt, he reports back that he only sees a small part of his object. What has gone wrong?

It is true that the size of the interesting object is 10 x 10mm but the user forgot to mention that the object moves in a container. Thus, in our case the correct "object size" for the selection of the lens, is the container's size.

The article Lenses for industrial cameras describes in detail the use of the parameter "object size" for the calculation of the focal length.