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"In the beginning there was light" - this saying fits well in to the field of machine vision. There is no image without illumination and "bad" illumination leads to a "bad" image.

Erroneously, many users blame their industrial USB camera, FireWire camera or GigE camera for bad images although this is very unlikely: Industrial cameras convert the light encountering their CMOS sensor or CCD sensor directly without any manipulation into a digital image.

The importance of suitable illumination is not only true for machine vision applications, but wherever cameras are used. A typical example are professional photo studios. Here, the dominating devices are not cameras, but the various types of illumination.

The most important component of an industrial machine vision system is the illumination. It has to fit perfectly with all the other components of the system. This website does not provide any further information concerning lighting components. It "only" describes the component physically in the middle, but from an importance point of view, at the side, of a machine vision system, namely, the industrial camera.