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C-mount lens

In the vast majority of applications, industrial cameras are fitted with C-mount lenses. Accordingly, most industrial cameras are so-called "C-mount cameras". The C-mount standard is accepted worldwide. Thus, there is a vast selection of low-priced lenses.

Selecting the right C-mount lens

The selection of a C-mount lens is based on the following parameters: object size, working distance and sensor size (represented by the format of the camera). On the one hand, the determination of these parameters is not complicated, on the other it is often the source of misunderstandings. The article Lenses for industrial cameras describes the reason for and the best way to avoid these misunderstandings.

The variant CS-mount

Often, wide-angle lenses are based on a variant of the C-mount standard, called CS-mount. CS-mount lenses are only positioned 5 mm closer to the CMOS sensor or CCD sensor.

As a result, CS-mount lenses cannot be attached to C-mount cameras. Conversely, a C-mount lens can be attached to a CS-mount camera with suitable 5mm spacing ring:

Industrie-Kamera - Montage von C-Mount und CS-Mount Objektiven